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What kind of eye make-up (eye shadow Eyeliner) is best for light green eyes?

I've tried mauve purples and pinks but they just don't seem to work for me, i have light skin and dark browny black hair and i just want some more colors to bring out the green in my eyes.What kind of eye make-up (eye shadow Eyeliner) is best for light green eyes?
I have geen eyes to. I use this green from lancome it is great. It makes my eyes like wow!!! Amazing you should try the colorWhat kind of eye make-up (eye shadow Eyeliner) is best for light green eyes?
Green Eyes:

Lighter Hair/Skin

For light reddish or strawberry blonde hair and light skin with green eyes, try eye makeup in light to medium purple shades, teals or tans, and taupe鈥檚 or peaches. You may even want to experiment with grays.

Drugstore Suggestions:

1. Purple: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers, Trio Eye shadow, Dance Party #125, ~$5.00

2. Tan and Taupe: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers - Trio Eye Shadow, Golden Sunset #115, ~$5.00

3. Tan, Taupe, and Peach: L'Oreal Wear Infinite Quads Eye Shadow, Enchanted Bouquet #114, Matte-Perle, ~$8.00

4. Teal and Grays: Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow, Sultry Smoke #342, ~$7.00


For light to medium skin and auburn or red hair with green eyes, neutral browns, medium to dark purple and plums, gold and copper hues, and darker cocoa and burnt shades may bring out your eyes best.

Drugstore Suggestions:

1. Brown, Dark Cocoa, and Burnt Shades: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers - Trio Eye Shadow, Cafe Au Lait #105, ~$5.00

2. Purples: Purple: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers, Trio Eye shadow, Dance Party #125, ~$5.00

3. Gold, Copper, and Browns: Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow, Copper Spice #305, ~$7.00

Dark Hair

For brunettes and dark haired ladies with green eyes, any purples, deep greens, and grays can complement your hair, eye, and skin combination.

Drugstore Suggestions:

1. Purples: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers, Trio Eye shadow, Dance Party #125, ~$5.00

2. Grays: Maybelline Expertwear Duo Eyeshadow, Grey Matters #80, ~$4.00

3. Greens: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers - Trio Eye Shadow, Sea Glass #120, ~$5.00
Because of the fact that you have light skin and light eyes, it would be too bold to go dark. That's your problem. You've been trying purples and pinks and they are really strong colors - too strong for you. Try light golds, champagne colors, smooth browns and even some natural blues. Stick to either brown or black eyeliner, and make sure you get long-lasting stuff if you're using brown. Because of the lightness of your eyes, the brown will easily ';disappear'; and will vanish if it wears off a bit. :] Hope that helped ...
im the same as you =]

i have the same skin tone eyes %26amp; hair.

i use a dark dark brown eyeliner on my top and bottom lids then put light purple eyeshadow on with shimmer powder over it. for some reason it brings out my eyes.

then i just wear foundation and bronzer and light pink lipgloss.
use a light natural green for your eyes.Don't go to dark because it will look bad on light skin!The green will bring out your eys more
Try a brighter purple!

Black eyeliner looks really good with green eyes. So does a smudged out dark brown.
use gold/brown/tan shaddows with a brown liner on top and a green liner on the bottom. It will make them pop!
brown eyeshadow

with bit of shimmer

What is the spiritual make-up of those who have the chronic condition called ';Thumbs Down';?

I read so many posts here that are excellent, not my opinion spiritually, but I admire the intelligence behind the reply.

Yet I see thumbs down, thumbs down, and thumbs down.

Do those who chronically do this have:

1. Egotism about their spirituality? or

2. A lack of spirituality?What is the spiritual make-up of those who have the chronic condition called ';Thumbs Down';?
I'd say the first, those with big egos regarding their spirituality. Anyone who doesn't agree with them is ';wrong,'; regardless of any sincerity or thought put into their answer.

Big egos? More like fragile egos.

EDIT: Seems I've insulted someone's widdow feewings.What is the spiritual make-up of those who have the chronic condition called ';Thumbs Down';?
I've posted things that were pure fact, not even opinion, and they get thumbs down.

It's weird. I guess people thrive on the anonymity. If they don't like you, or you disagree with their worldview, they automatically TD you, regardless of how sensible something you might have just said. I guess it's egotism ... or a refusal to even consider another POV. Narrow-mindedness and intolerance.

I TD people who are blatantly rude, give incorrect information, or don't answer the question. After all, the thumbs are SUPPOSED to be for whether you found the answer helpful, not whether you agree with it or not. I can completely disagree with someone's religious views, but if they give a good, factual, level-headed, considerate answer, it would be petty of me to give it a thumbs down.
Thumbs down =

1. An attack on someone

2. Mocking someone or a belief system

3. False information (bad information)

4. Doesn't answer the question

5. Stating something is a fact, when it is not necessarily a fact.

That is why I thumbs down.
I agree. Some answers are well thought about and interesting and still get thumbs down.

I thumb down for rudeness, flaming, not answering the question etc.

Oh Fireball! You really should read some of YOUR answers before you accuse others of 'judging'. You are one of the rudest people I've ever come accross on here. Most people are just having a bit of fun...Loosen up a bit, girl!
Many people use the thumbs as an agree/disagree button instead of a good answer/bad answer button.

I usually only give down thumbs if an answer is factually incorrect or is simply a poor argument depending in the question.
they are afraid to admit that some one may have a valid point of view that is differential from theirs, some are just so small minded that if you are not spitting out the same dogma that they believe in then they feel they must attack.
I am unconcerned with how many or few thumbs down I receive as they cost me nothing. I thumb down drag-and-drop answers that have little to do with the question, hateful answers, and a few usual suspects.
Thumbs down are given for simply disagreeing.

I, personally, could not care less about thumbs down given to me.
I just say something anti religious and the thumbs down fairy goes wild on my azz! I don't really care though.
Some people give thumbs down because they dont like what the person is saying, or they have a history of hating that persons answers and questions
Since they can't burn you at the stake for being an Infidel, it's their only other weapon. ';Atheists, I give you the Holy Thumbs Down';

Gotta love xians.
Both, and they so easily hide behind their anonymity.
Egotism. they just do it to those they don't agree with.

And they have too much time on their hands in study hall, gotta do something with it... ;)
It's the safer and quicker alternative to swearing at them.
I'm under the impression that not many know that downward thumbs have no real impact on users
Sometimes I think i get thumbs down simply because I state that I am an Atheist.
';Happy Trigger Finger';
It's a way of venting, I think, for people who want to play but don't have anything to contribute.
Posters that are all thumbs.
instead of judging others does it occur to you that ppl are namecalling and mocking??

born again 32 yrs.....
They do because therefore they are
Anything that goes against the cult is reported and gets thumbs down.

What is the correct make up to wear while wearing a red dress?

I am wearing a bright red dress.

Which nail polish and lipstick color will look best with it?What is the correct make up to wear while wearing a red dress?
what do you like? a french manicure for your nails, natural eyeshadow shades on your eyes, black mascara, nicely defined lips with a light shade and some really good lip gloss. or you could go with short well manicured red nails, dark eyeliner,black mascara , and some red lipstickWhat is the correct make up to wear while wearing a red dress?
I would use black or grey eyeshawdow. Black eyeliner. French manicure and a nude lip stick. I have no idea what your hair color is or your skin tone so that is what I would do.

If you wear lipstick you pretty much has to find the exact shade of red as your dress so play up your eyes.

With green eyes I would go for the smokey grey look on your eyes.
I depends. If you plan on wearing a red lipstick/nail polish they should match the color of the red exactly.

You could also get nude nail polish and nude lipstick/lip gloss and do a smoky eye.

What is the psychological make up of someone who drops litter?

Arrogant. Their attitude is ';somebody else can clean up after me';.

I always feel like asking them if they manage to wipe their own backsides or if they have someone to do that for them as well.What is the psychological make up of someone who drops litter?
If they removed all the McDonalds, KFCs, Burger Kings etc, then the problem would half. But then so would the ';wild-life'; population of our ';beautiful planet'; - seagulls, pigeons, rats etc.

A person who drops litter has not taken the mandatory litter-lout lessons by Stopit %26amp; Tidy-up at Primary School. If they chose to ignore the lessons of social responsibilty, it is also a good bet they litter children at the same rate as the vermin they feed.

If I drop a cigarette butt I get fined 拢50 by the council. If a child drops acid in the run-down local common (council-funded), the parents get a caution. What's that all about?

I recycle. I pay my taxes. I minimise the oh-so-heavy burden the poor council men have to lift from my bin fortnightly with their gas-guzzling hydraulic lorries. I use public bins. I also despise seeing a beautiful post-war house being demolished for a builder to construct apartments, and it would seem the councils planning office are too busy to deal with that eye-sore - a form of pollution in itself. Hypocrits, each and every one of us.What is the psychological make up of someone who drops litter?
Well I, as a psychology student, would assume that they might suffer brain the worst way! A possible explanation for that could be an innate or conditioned problem with their head. So if one assumed that their head was filled with litter and ****, it would be simply natural to drop any external material. First of all because their gray and white matter will be diminished due to all that shite and hence information/motor processing will be difficult. And secondly because their brain is suffocating from the internal, unnecessary material;-)
they are used to someone picking up after them and probably have a messy house, disorganized finances although they may be fun to be around because of their lack of inhibitions.
Untidy,thoughtless,inconsiderate, rebellious...
The same as that of car drivers who think it is perfectly acceptable to park on the footpath.
An idiot, fool, selfish, and no common sense.
They are oafs and don't give a sh@t about this beautiful planet of ours.
takes things for granted
a has bin
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  • Can the libs here make up their minds about republicans?

    Half of the time they refer to Republicans as poor uneducated trailer trash who don't have jobs. The other half of the time they refer to them as greedy rich people.

    Which is it?Can the libs here make up their minds about republicans?
    They have. What you are witnessing, is the uncanny ability that members of the loony left have, of talking out of both sides of their mouths.

    Haven't you noticed, that according to those same people, the only rich people are all Republicans? I guess wealthy and ultra-wealthy Liberals like: Bill Gates, Ted Kennedy, dOprah Winfrey, Ted Turner and Hanoi Jane Fonda, don't qualify as ';Rich';.Can the libs here make up their minds about republicans?
    Seems like many more individuals these days. Who claim they are Democrat. Seem to save their currency. In a ';Conservative'; way. Don't it seem?

    Just wanted to point that out.

    Both parties. Have a wealthy and lower class. A main difference however. Is that the lower Republican branches. Don't shoot each other. Like you see in the Democratic branches.

    Plus both wealthy and poorer class. On the Republican side. Get along with each other. While the Democrat groups. Always fight amongst each other.
    The first, always the first. You can take the boy out of the trailer but you can't take the trailer out of the boy.
    My mind has been made up about them: Some are pretty alright, most are mud-slinging idiots who don't care about their country anymore.
    They are both. Some in trailors and some owning the trailors that the poor live in.
    Which ever supports that particular argument.
    It can be both in Liberal fantasy land.
    well look at them thy believe in free Speech if the can talk and nobody else can thy want public school that the taxpayer pay for thy want the public invest in 401 k so thy can build over in china then lose all there money
    Both! That's the sad part, working class people being duped into voting for the same bigwigs that are screwing them over.

    Who do you think Obama would have on his personal phone to make up a dream team?

    I am sure Obama would have to seek spritual advice from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    Then, you got all of the extreme pro-choicers like: George Tiller, Kathleen Sebelius, Cecile Richards (President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America).

    I already know about all of his buddies like Bill Ayers.

    Can you think of anybody else Obama would likely have a personal cell phone number for, that may be less known?Who do you think Obama would have on his personal phone to make up a dream team?
    Well, since he's probably the antichrist, I would guess that he has access to people both alive and dead! That would open up his list to people he really would tend to follow and admire, like Satan, Hitler and Madeline O'Hare!

    Not to mention Reverand (Wrong)Wright and Louis Farricon, And Osama bin Laden. After all, he wouldn't exclude his namesake, would he??Who do you think Obama would have on his personal phone to make up a dream team?
    Chavez, Wright, Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis,

    just to name a few.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
    Obama is not capable of leading a dream team nor, would he know one if he saw it.

    Guess his list of contacts would be empty.........
    Probably China, UAE and Saudi Arabia since they buy so much of our T-bonds.
    His dream team is occupying the White House in Washington DC.
    Jesse Jackson said he wanted to cut his balls off.
    His sphincter: to check and see if the sun still shines from it.
    Kobe Bryant, some other rapists.
    How about his friend for 20 years Rev. Wright.
    some repubs here play the race card every day.
    You sound like a paranoid person.Get some fresh air will ya

    Applying for David Jones, but have no retail work experience, should I make up some?

    I only have one week's experience as a sales representitive. But I have a bachelor degree in business. And I want to work in retail in David jones. Any ideas? Can I make up some work experience that is untrackable because they are overseas?

    Opinons? Practical ones?Applying for David Jones, but have no retail work experience, should I make up some?
    NEVER ever lie on your resumee! You don't think that they don't have accesss to all your records on the internet?

    You have a business degree; that is a huge plus right there. It shows that you are organized and can do quality work. Have you been interested in design and fashion? The tell them so. Look up everything you can on the Internet about them so that you are already familiar with their products, business, etc.Applying for David Jones, but have no retail work experience, should I make up some?
    No. You would be cheating your boss and harming your own character. It is the wrong thing to do.
    skin rash